Temporary Roof Access Equipment for roof maintenance and inspection

Working at height is a high-risk activity, which is why it is so important even for short-term projects, to use the appropriate safe roof access equipment. HSE guide book HSG33 Health and Safety in Roof Work clearly states that;

all roof work should be planned and executed following a suitable method statement 

and this applies equally to both trained roofers and untrained maintenance staff.

The mcd roof access system provides the ideal solution for general maintenance, repairs and inspection. Developed specifically for short-term roof work the design is based on lightweight staging frames manufactured to EN 131 with unique features providing the user with the means to assemble a safe working platform.


The system provides a continuous low profile crawling board from eaves to ridge, with support battens that distribute the load safely to give excellent stability, whatever the roof cover. An integrated work restraint line further enhances worker safety.


The staging frames are of lightweight aluminium construction allowing the user to safely manoeuvre them into position on the roof. The mesh decking provides constant visual contact with the roof cover below and has the additional benefit of low wind resistance, vital during handling and positioning.


The staging frames are connected with a simple pin and the unique pin guide makes this very quick and easy. The frames are available in 3 standard length’s, 2m, 3m & 4m (with other sizes up to 5m can be made to order) with fully adjustable support battens allowing the user to build any combination of set-up for the work required. Integrated sockets on the battens facilitate the fitting of a handrail providing additional protection or use of the system as a temporary walkway.

Easy to Use

Simplicity is the key; From the safety of an access platform or valley gutter simply lay one staging frame up the roof, and use it to access and position the next frame. The frames link together easily, providing safe roof access in minutes, helping you to comply with the regulations and keep your workers safe without a significant increase in time on the job.


Gutter Support

Fitted in seconds this adjustable support bar provides a secure footing for the first section.

Ridge Connector

For up-and-over ridge access we offer both inline or offset connectors, allowing the system to be securely assembled over the ridge.

Roof Light Cover

Fragile roof skylights can often be difficult to see and are easily overlooked presenting a real danger of falling through the roof. Placing mcd safety covers over the roof light eliminates that risk. Designed for quick and easy positioning these lightweight panels offer very low wind resistance, and may be used on any part of the roof providing valuable additional protection over an extended area.

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